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Football - EURO 2016
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England-Russia EURO 2016 – BETTING TIPS

Coefficient - 1.95
tips efficiency - 88 %
Despite good past records of Russia in previous games, England is 60% likely to win in a Group B. Experts agree that it might be difficult for the team to move forward, they will still score more that Russia. Based on previous games, England is the strongest opponent that Russia should be afraid of.
Coefficient - 3.2
tips efficiency - 76 %
According to the opinions of experts, it’s worth expecting the draw game between England and Russia. They have met four times in Euro Championships already and each side won twice. Thus, based on the score, it is the most likely to be a draw game. Both teams are equally strong to compete.
Coefficient - 2
tips efficiency - 81 %
To win in a group B, England will have to take a maximum number of points from Russia. As the score is expected to be equal, England will still be a winner based on the points. The game is much-talked about recently and the teams will make it really spectacular, just like they did previously.
Coefficient - 4
tips efficiency - 55 %
Russian attacker Artem Dzyuba is expected to be the biggest threat coming from Russia. He managed to score 8 goals in qualifying and he is not going to give up in a game against England. During the previous meetings of the teams, he hurt England significantly and thanks to him the team won 2 times.
Coefficient - 1.95
tips efficiency - 74 %
Since England won World Cup in 1966, it’s has been difficult for them to repeat past achievements. The best results they showed was reaching the semifinals of UEFA Championship 1968 and 1996. They are unlikely to leave Russia far behind, but at least they are expected to outnumber them in points.
Coefficient - 4
tips efficiency - 60 %
The biggest achievement of Russia so far is reaching the semi final of UEFA 2008. They are decisive to stay strong this time too. Their goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev is one of the biggest pride of the team. He is expected to show a good game and thus reduce the number of goals scored by England to the minimum.
Coefficient - 1.95
tips efficiency - 83 %
Despite all the strengths of Russia, it’s still hard to get away from the victory of England. They were absolutely sound during the qualifying and they have some really serious further plans. Yet, England has to be really persistent to win this football fight as they have an ambitious opponent.
Coefficient - 2
tips efficiency - 68 %
Harry Kane is expected to be the first to attack Russia in this game and he will be the focal point of the England line-up. Wayne Rooney is unlikely to be ready to play this time after his serious injury. Deve Alli and Ross Barkley will most probably replace him and play behind Harry Kane and Eric Dier.

Bet Confidently on the England – Russia Match

Mark June 11 in your calendar because this is when England will be playing against Russia in the group stage of Euro 2016 tournament. The event will take place in Marseille at Stadium Velodrome. In a Group B, the teams will also meet Wales and Slovakia. We’ve gathered reliable football tipsters to let you make bets on this upcoming match.

The teams have already met before and the results were very much diverse. It only raises uncertainty among the fans and betters. Who do you think will win in a Group B this year? You might need some expert help to make grounded predictions.

The importance of betting for fans

Betting has become an increasingly popular component of every sports event. It adds excitement and adrenalin, especially when it comes to football. England – Russia match is expected to be a spectacular game, so don’t miss your chance to bet on your team. It’s an unmatched feeling of euphoria when your team wins and you feel like you are a part of it. We hope our betting tipsters will help you make a right decision.

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Basic England – Russia match predictions

England is the most likely to win in a Group B. However, the team will have to take maximum points from Russia. The teams have met four times in Euro Championships where each side won twice. According to the stats, it’s worth expecting the draw.

The biggest threat coming from Russia is expected from its leading attacker Artem Dzyuba. He scored 8 goals in qualifying and is decisive to do his best during the game against England. Find more euro 2016 tipsters by browsing through our website pre-match reading.